Post Production

Picture Editing and Visual Post Production

In the visual post-production phase, we do editing, color grading of raw material, retouching, special effects, creation of graphics and subtitles, and output rendering into various formats. In cooperation with foreign partners, we can also provide the production of foreign language versions of the film.

Demo of Color Grading for the movie "Where Butterflies Don't Fly" (2022)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr4wENRA2qI

Demo of CGI editing for the movie "With Dad in the Clouds" (2023)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcl5VPMKdd8

Audio Post Production

In the field of audio post-production, we cooperate with proven music composers and producers with a global reach. The final Sound Design of the project is usually created in our studio. 

DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

In addition to regular video outputs, we are also able to produce a DCP version of the film for cinemas. We produce DCP in the highest distribution quality from an uncompressed TIF 16-bit master in CINEMA 2K or CINEMA 4K resolution. The SMPTE and other standards ensure compatibility with cinema projectors worldwide. Our DCP has already been distributed to cinemas throughout Western Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong and other regions of South West Asia, Israel and elsewhere. For DCP distribution, we mostly use the Filemail platform with a special high-speed data transfer protocol.