We have our own camera, lighting and audio equipment, thanks to which we are more flexible in production planning. Most of the orders are realized by Blackmagic Design Digital Cinema cameras equipped with top-quality Cinema lenses. Blackmagic Design technology represents an optimal ratio of price and quality, which also favorably affects production budgets. We shoot in RAW 6K format, which greatly expands our possibilities for post-production processing of the material and allows us to render outputs in the highest quality. We also use our own camera cranes and other  equipment. If the nature of the order or the specific requirements of the client require different equipment, we cooperate with proven rentals and cooperating studios.

The cutting room floor is also adapted to our production technology. We use Blackmagic Design hardware and software for picture editing and visual post-production.

We capture sound using professional film lavaliers, shotguns and VR 3D microphones. Thanks to them and other technological gadgets, we are able to record and then separate dialogues even in noisy environments.